Coffee Shop - Movie Rentals

Why CineMug?

- Movies you can't find on-demand or by mail

- No waiting weeks for a movie you're no longer in the mood to watch

- A relaxed place to meet other people as obsessed with movies as you are

- Coffee and food by some of Philly's best: ReAnimator Coffee, South Street Bagels, Dottie's Donuts

CineMug provides a curated collection of over 1,600 movies, with the aim of filling the niche for classic, foreign, oddball, cult, documentary, horror and art films (plus new releases!) with mostly DVD and some Blu-ray rentals. We also offer delicious coffee/espresso drinks, house-brewed iced tea, homemade chai, and light fare for breakfast and lunch. From the necessary morning cup of get-me-to-work-on-time, to a sit-down-for-the-afternoon with a sandwich and laptop, CineMug is a welcoming space for people who like great coffee and great cinema. 

We invite you to stop in and discover where movies go to live.